Genealogy Research

Spring Grove is pleased to assist you with genealogy and research requests for persons buried at the cemetery. There are several ways to request information about individuals buried at the Cemetery:

  • Online: Purchase a request online using our secure website.
  • Email: Contact us at with the required information below. (Please note: payment must be received online before your request is processed.)
  • Call: Contact us at 513-681-7526 and we will connect you with a genealogy researcher.

A research fee of $5 (per individual request) covers the time and resources required to look for information and will be charged whether or not anything is found. Fees are subject to change. Payment must be received before any requests are processed, and requests must be submitted in writing.

Once your request and payment have been received, a member of our staff will search our records. If the individual or family for whom you are researching is buried at Spring Grove or Oak Hill Cemetery, we will provide you with a copy of the burial statistical card (PDF or via mail) and a site map to assist you in finding the lot location.

Spring Grove maintains a unique archive containing burial records dating back to 1845. Researchers do not have access to original materials. For privacy reasons, some materials may not be available. Please allow up to 14 days for a response.

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