Weekend Walkabout August 2021

Sunday, August 1 / 1:00PM

Topic: Civil War History

The Civil War took place from April 15, 1861 to August 20, 1866. Keep in mind that Spring Grove was founded almost 20 years BEFORE the Civil War started. The reason that there are so many soldiers buried in SG is because of the many Civil War hospitals in this area. Most soldiers died from wounds or disease and were eventually buried here. A lot of the bodies were buried at Camp Dennison, on the east side of town. About 40 bodies were reinterred outside of SG. There are 40 Union Civil War generals and 1 Confederate General buried in SG. 

Registration is required and registration is open. Meet your Docent on the front lawn of the Historic Office located to the right as you enter through the main gates.  

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